4 Reasons Dental Implants are Better Than Dentures

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Dental implants offer people who are missing a tooth or teeth a replacement option far better than any set of dentures. Although a bit more expensive than dentures, the looks, feel, and longevity of the implants make them well worth the expense. What is so great about dental implants Skokie IL that makes them more worthwhile than the tooth replacement technique that’s been around forever? Here are four reasons why dental implants are a better option than dentures.

1- Look & Feel Like Real Teeth

Implants are inserted with a screw into the jawbone. They stay in place, just like real teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, are removed from the mouth and do not stay in place. It just feels ‘false.’

2- Long-Lasting

dental implants Skokie IL

Implants may not ever need replacing, if you take care of them. You care for implants the same way you’d care for your own real teeth. Most people need only to visit the dentist for repairs during their lifetime with implants.

3- More Confidence

It is much easier to smile when you’re using implants. There is no worry that the implant will fall out of your mouth. You know that you look your best and it is always easy to smile with the confidence that you have.

4- More Freedom

Dentures may minimize the foods that you can eat or the activities that you can enjoy, but those days of concern are over when you use the alternative. They allow you the freedom of life that you’re meant to enjoy! It is so easy to smile!

5- Improved Health

The implant supports the bone structure of your face so it doesn’t lose shape. This isn’t a benefit that dentures offer. Furthermore, the implant does not affect nearby teeth and are much easier to care for than dentures.